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My GEEKMOM  Review of Captain America 2

Geek Date Night Approved

The movie date night. It’s a long-standing, sacred institution for parents. Whether you are geeks or Muggles, the age-old question begs: Whose turn is it to pick the movie? To decide, some folks may flip a coin, play rock-paper-scissors, or even roll a D20. In full disclosure, we couldn’t remember who got to chose our last movie outing. Sadly, getting out to the theater does not happen as much these days, and that rarity makes the decision all that more important.

Go read the whole review here!  🙂

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Syfy’s Reality TV Series That Was Too FUN to Die: Stan Lee’s “Who Wants to Be a Superhero?” Lives on in the Hearts & Minds of Fans & Competitors

Very nice article about Who wants to be a Superhero

The Joe Report

A Great Idea For a Show
—That Ended Much Too Soon

For superhero aficionados, comic book geeks, and action figure fans, the Syfy Channel’s inspired and family-friendly, competition-reality show, “Who Wants to be a Superhero?” (WWTBASH) was like a little slice of Heaven. Each episode was “entertainment-light,” to be sure, but it could also be an intriguing, emotional, and suspenseful, mini morality play, played out each and every week. Challenging the wannabe “heroes” with a series of contests, the show ultimately attempted to uncover what was (or was NOT) inside of each contestant’s heart and soul (i.e. empathy, selflessness, determination, heroism, etc.). And while fans may not have always agreed with the show’s “elimination” decisions, the audience was all too happy to be along for the ride—on what was proclaimed as—”The Adventure of a Lifetime!”

An “American Idol” for Fans and Creators of Superheroes

Despite high ratings for the

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Joining the amazingly awesome GeekMoms !



Getting settled in , will be posting as a occasional contributor.  I have been a fan since reading articles on WIRED

So excited for this fun opportunity.   Really blown away and humbled by the Moms I have been connecting with already! I have lots to say in this pocket of writing and need to start carving out solitary time to do so. More changes in our family dynamic but Mark is being his usual encouraging and supportive self. 

Hoping you will follow me there. 🙂