BITO – Bun in the Oven

Labor Day!
Happy St. Patricks day and oh ya MARK MY WATER BROKE!

That is how we started the day at 6AM. I was woken by my Cat jumping on my belly and let out a yelp. Waddled to the bathroom where I discovered that my water broke, probably some time earlier that morning. This part of the story was really like the movies. I told a sleeping Mark what had happened and as I went back in the bathroom to clean up and get myself together *which was only a couple minutes* I turned to see Mark fully dressed with keys in hand, looking a bit panicked! He was hurrying me out the door and I was telling him to slow down, I wasn’t having contractions and I felt ok. I made him change his shirt because it was St. Patrick’s Day and he wasn’t wearing Green.
I texted my Sister and Louise the news. I got to at least take a shower while Mark called the L&D who told him I should come in, not in a big rush but soon. Louise called me and Mark rushed me off the phone, telling me he wanted to beat morning traffic. It was then that I let him know we needed to pick up cookies for the nurses. We stopped at Fresh and Easy but it wasn’t open yet and I knew I had pushed Mark’s patience too far so we headed on to Kaiser. Things were flowing more with me and I was really leaking. We parked in ‘Stork Parking’ and I decided to not bring in the suitcase, just in case they were gonna send me home. This wasn’t our first go around with L&D. Walking in I felt my water still leaking down my legs so I stopped at the restroom to try and contain it. Mark laughed and mentioned I WAS going to have a baby.. they had seen this before. Still I was kinda embarrassed!

Once in L&D it didn’t take long for them to check off some red flags and for them to admit me. Whitney, our friend and Dula joined us and we caught her up on my progress.

Still leaking but not having bad contractions, we were transferred to our labor room which was pretty big and had a rocking chair and another that folded out into a sorta bed. The contractions were coming on stronger but there was a lot of waiting for me to dilate, so we watched some old Frasier episodes and Mark and Whitney traded off on taking care of me.

There were a few uncomfortable moments, like having to attach an internal fetal monitor to the baby. The external one that goes on the belly kept slipping and giving an inaccurate reading. Whitney helped me through this invasive procedure with some breathing and focusing. By this time, the contractions were coming on stronger and I was thinking it was about time for my epidural. They did try to add some fluid since I lost so much when my water broke. This would help the baby and keep her out of stress but the fluid line failed and it too was a painful insertion. I had wanted to hold off on getting the epidural so I could see what the contractions felt like and to give them time to get closer together and larger.

The epidural was next and went as well as it could. Whitney and Mark had to leave the room which I was prepared for being through this with Anna. I did some deep yoga breathing and explained what happened with my last one to the anesthesiologist and how I suffered with a spinal headache for 3 weeks post hospital stay. I also told her of my spinal tap history, having spinal menegitus as a child. Even with all these fears, I managed to smile during the conversation. She noticed the tattoo on my back and we talked about what it means (ohm) , she being Indian was a practicing yoga student too. Good diversion because I stopped thinking about needles and even allowed contractions to pass with little movement from me while we talked and she worked.

Tap in place, the Dr. Decided to put me on oxygen since the babies heart beat was dipping when I would contract. I laid flat for an hour so the epidural drugs would be evenly dispured in my body. I did some meditation during this time. I could still feel the contractions but only pressure much less pain. That is what I wanted, to know when to push when I was dialated and the actual active labor started

It was this time when Dr. Hess c said my contractions were a bit ‘whimpy’ *ya, like he would ever have to feel them* and asked if I was ok with some pitocin. I agreed to a small amount only because I was already in full swing and not using it to start labor.

Harmony was kind enough to bring dinner for Whitney and Mark and hung out for awhile with us. After she left, we settled into a quiet time for a bit and I rested best I could. Suddenly a whole team of Doctors, midwives, nurses came flying in very urgently. Apparently,my fetal monitor was showing heart rate dips. They started to flip me from side to side, over and over. I got upset at one point because I couldn’t make out what the Dr. was saying. As soon as things stabled the Midwife suggested that my Dilation should be checked and low and behold I was fully dilated and ready to start pushing! It was getting closer to Midnight and the staff started making bets if the baby would be Maggie on St. Patrick’s Day or Ella on born on the 18th. The pushing was hard, really hard and it lasted for well over and hour and a half. At one point when I was discouraged Whitney showed me in her Labor book just where the baby was and how close we were to meeting her! This renewed my courage and I continued. There was a head and Mark could see it. I chose not to watch with a mirror because I really wanted to focus on the task at hand, pushing and breathing. A few more big pushes and out she came. Then I heard the sound that changed my life forever, her first cry. They brought her to my chest and I looked at her and said through tears ‘We have waited so long to meet you, Ella Rose.’ It was the single most amazing thing I have ever experienced. Mark cut the cord, she was weighed and given all the tests and stats were taken. Her blood sugar levels were very low and the Pediatrician recommended we give her formula to help raise it. She had to be tested often for that her first 48 hrs. We had family time, we were in awe, we were amazed. For all the worry and stress, it really was a pretty peaceful labor and a day that we will always hold dear.


37 weeks: So raise your glass!

We made it to full term! Must admit, we got a bit freaked out when we thought she was coming @ 34 weeks. It hasn’t been easy. Bed rest is no fun and I miss my friends but it has been worth it ! Bubble of peace with some laughs.

We are ready now, taking things just one day at a time. I hope things just take their natural course and labor doesn’t need to be induced.

Having contractions but still waiting for more progress. They could last a couple more weeks too. By far, this has been the most uncomfortable stage but I am not miserable. Trying to stay Zen about the whole thing and let my body do what it knows how to do. 🙂

Mark and I have been going over pain management options and coaching as well as labor stages.

Our anniversary is Saturday I am keeping our reservations @ The Inn of the Seventh Ray on the books.

Tomorrow is St. Patricks day and if she comes, we are thinking ‘Maggie Rose’ may have to be her name! 😉


35 weeks: I have a dear Husband

Wow so after 8 months of a pretty ‘normal’ pregnancy, given all the High Risk and worry, these last two weeks have been tough. So many long Labor and Delivery trips, scares with Blood Pressure and now Bedrest, we are feeling a little frayed around the edges. It looks like we will not make it to 40 weeks due to the pattern the Dr.s are seeing with me but we are really doing everything we can to get to 37 weeks.

I must say how incredible Mark has been through it all. He works full time and is in very high demand there, made the nursey look so wonderful, takes care of me including a trip every day this week to Kaiser and gives attention to our little animals, attends baby classes on his own because I am hooked up on fetal monitors. He even tells me how he loves seeing me pregnant and never forgets kisses and forgiveness if we get short with each other. He has taken on a lot and given up many things already but still remains excited and focused.

His blood pressure has been higher than mine and hopefully today we can see a Dr. And get some advice.

I love you Mark and can’t wait to see you as a Daddy.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times: 33 Weeks

We had a wonderful shower filled week end. My Mom and dear friend Laura and Noah and Kelly came in from out of town and I got to see my favorite girlfriends!

Here are the pictures from the Star Wars Shower! My dearest friends and Sister worked so hard and the results were amazing! Pink Lightsabers, Yoda Soda, a Onesie Star Wars Cake and themed Bingo! I cried a lot that day and was so touched.

Mark even had a Guy version called a ‘Shadow Shower’. The boys got to do some archery and hang out, nothing pink or cute. He did show up to help load gifts at the end and loved the Decorations and Star Wars goodies too.

The only down fall of this fun Shower/ Valentines Week end is I think I over did it. In truth, I was really busy prepping all last week, I felt great but some times I forget that just because friends I have did things and worked right up until the week before they gave birth and had no issues.. I am High Risk, I am a bit different a case and I need to not push it. My BIG fear was being put on Bed Rest again, I experienced that with Anna and it was miserable.

Yesterday I was jolted out of bed not being able to breath from an intense back contraction. It passed and there was no follow up ones or symptom. I was glad to be seeing my High Risk Doctor as usual yesterday morning. The visit went great and she told me I would be doing Non Stress Tests twice a week now until I deliver. Her visits are going from every other week to once a week which is normal in the last month of pregnancy. I am ok, the baby is great but because of my history, I need more monitoring and a bit more care.

I guess my Doc knows what she is doing because right as I laid down for the test and got hooked up to the fetal monitor, the Nurse Tech starting noticing I was having contractions. I couldn’t really feel them and was a bit surprised. I was given some water but they still continued frequently. This warranted a quicky ultrasound which showed my fluid levels and things with the baby were ok. The next step after consulting with my High Risk Dr. again was to omit me to Labor and Delivery and to be kept under observation, check my cervix and do some tests. Truth be told I was a bit rattled by this. Plans can change so quickly! My phone, which was dying *bad pregnancy no no* had enough juice to text Mark and tell him to come meet me, unsure of what could happen.

Once in a room, I was put back on the fetal Monitor and was still having contractions. Theses, I could feel.. no very painful, just tightening. Things moved quickly, I was checked, poked, and given a shot of Terbutaline to stop the contractions which worked immediately. I was also given a Fetal fibronectin (fFN) test The side effects of all this rapid testing made my Blood pressure drop rapidly and left me shaking with nausea. This coupled with the dizziness I was feeling, which apparently is common after the cervical ultrasound exam left me a spinning, sweating mess. It came and went a few times before I felt better. Not fun.

While waiting for Lab results we started to make a list of everything we would need for the real hospital visit and made sure we would add them to my empty maternity suitcase that Mochi likes to lay on by the front door.

All the test came back good including the one FFN which told us I shouldn’t be going into labor for the next two weeks. We were enrolled in our Labor and Delivery Class last night but luckily could reschedule. On our way out, we saw a class taking the tour of the department and kinda laughed that we got a ‘personal sneak peek’ of what will be coming.

Let me tell you, this little pit stop was a REAL wake up call for Mark and I.

Feeling ok today, resting and putting the breaks on things. There is nothing more important to us right now than letting little Supercherry cook for a few more weeks.
The BIG 30 (weeks)

Here we are at 30 weeks and man, I am getting big!

I started a Baby Pool for fun on Facebook:

Past my 3 hr Gestational Diabetes test: This was horrible and left me with 4 black and blue marks from the 4 times they took blood to get my levels… AFTER fasting for 10 hrs, I was loopy and dizzy and 6 hrs later had a horrible headache that made me worry so bad, I woke Mark in the middle of the night. I have been a model patient, been poked, prodded, examined, questioned, evaluated and tested but this time I really complained to my Doctor about my experience. Just glad I passed.

We had an ultrasound last Friday. They baby is doing well, she is 3 pounds 5 ounces and has moved so her head is now facing down. The kicks are swift and are now being felt in my ribs.

The Nursery is coming along, Mark sanded and refinished the floors, we have just a couple things to paint. Waiting for the crib but seem to have just about everything else. It is hard but fun work.

We are putting together a Birth Plan, just some ideas to keep in mind for the labor and delivery. With February begins our parenting classes and hopefully, a tour of the Maternity Ward at our Kaiser. Doing research and reading and making a list of questions for our High Risk Doctor as we prepare for the home stretch. I have a shower coming up in a couple weeks too. So exciting!

Entered into a phase of a worrying about worry.. the kind that wakes you up at night and you don’t really know why you feel anxious.. you just do? The other night when this was happening and I felt the urge to get up I told myself nothing was wrong, did a quick inventory, heard my cats and Mark asleep next to me and said ‘No, I don’t want to worry or get out of bed’ and went back to sleep.

I started prenatal Yoga at a great center INYOGA. It was so nice to connect with other soon to be Mom’s of all stages. The class is also open to post natal Mommies, so there were babies who tagged along too! I feel so good after each session. I have long been a student of Yoga for much more than the physical exercise it provides. Yoga teaches me patience, perseverance and concentration. Lately, I have felt a bit out of touch with my growing body and Yoga really helps me get back in touch. I have learned to get pretty deep into the mediation portion and having that time to clear my mind is like hitting a reset button on the way I think about things. Yoga is never meant to be competitive. I go at the pace my body allows, push when I think I can do a bit better and I am gentle with myself when I need to slow down. I think I will always be a student and I am so grateful for it!



There have been a lot of changes lately. Feeling bigger and slower but still happy.

My Heartburns for you This is often and painful. Some one told me that means the baby has a lot of hair. Don’t know if that is true or not, you discover many different ‘wives tales’ as you take this journey, gotta weed out truths from tales.

Those wacky Baby classes
Taking some through Kaiser. Infant CPR is most important to us. Mark also has a great book that our Doula, Whitney recommended The Birth Partner *I am reading it first cause it’s that good.*

To sleep perchance to dream: Sleep is getting hard. I either wake up to pee or to rearrange pillows, sheets, cats or with heartburn that would stop a cow in mid stride. Wild dreams too! Trying to catch naps when I can.

Testing one two… Lots of test happening in the next few weeks. Already established I am anemic and need more Iron. Easy to increase with vitamins and diet. Failed my 1 hour Glucose test by a matter of points. VERY disappointed by this… the next test to really determine if I have gestational diabetics brought on by pregnancy is a 3 hour Glucose screening . I have to fast 8 hrs before and draw blood *which means hanging out in the Hospital* ever hour on the hour. ugh.. not a fun one. Hope I pass this mutha!

Nursery tymes: Mark and I are actively getting the Nursery ready, this is actually a lot of fun. We will take pictures as we go along and of the finished product. I find myself spending quiet moments in there now, daydreaming about the very near future.

In the Jungle, the mighty Jungle: I downloaded some MP3’s of Babies crying and have started playing them for Lola and Mochi. The first time, Lola barked and wondered who was in distress *I got a real wailer of a baby cry*. The second time I played one, Lola who was on my lap and Mochi next to us in the office looked at each other with a ‘what the EFF’ look on their little faces. No barking from Lola though.

Excited to be in this last trimester and hoping to make it to the end with as much luck and positive progress as the first two trimesters. Thanks for taking this journey with us.


25 weeks: Happy Merry Holidays and Christmas!

Had another Ultrasound yesterday. Supercherry is starting to fill out and looks a bit chubbier than previous peaks into her world. Mark got to see a good shot of her face and swear she has my nose. 🙂 We brought Mark’s Mom Evelyn along for the appointment. She didn’t have ultrasounds with her sons so even though it’s kinda hard to always make out what you are looking at, I am fairly sure she enjoyed the show.

Still in the middle of the great name debate. It’s harder than you would think but we have a few that keep rising to the top. After the Holidays are done, we are getting to work on the nursery which is currently ‘that room where all the stuff we don’t know what to do with’

I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday, eat lots, open gifts and enjoy some cozy family time. We plan to stay in Pajamas for as much as the week end as we can!

24 Weeks: Oh the changes!

It has been a busy couple of weeks with work, Holiday rush and various changes.
I have entered into yet another phase of my pregnancy and acceptance has been hard. Basically, I am slowing down. There are things that physically, I just can’t do like before. The other day I got so angry because I had to ask Mark to straighten out our Christmas Tree skirt, just couldn’t bend down the right way to do it. House cleaning leaves me huffing and puffing and laces on my shoes are quickly becoming an enemy.

As I was struggling along, a couple of truths came to me. One was that I need to recognize what it is I am gaining (besides weight) and not focus on the things I am temporally loosing. Another was the realization that I am in fact, not at war with my body, I am not ‘loosing’ when I relent and ask for help, I am doing it for another person, our baby. This step seems maybe obvious or small to some but let me tell you, it was huge to me. Perspective is a great thing. I am a pro at doing for others and changing this outlook has helped me accept what will only escalate once supercherry is welcomed.

Another interesting thing about perspective is hearing things from former pregnant ladies like ‘oh JUST YOU WAIT till you are 8 months’ or ‘You think it is HARD NOW?’… I have spoken about the sisterhood that you enter into when pregnant before but those types of negatively framed statements seem more like unresolved resentments then encouraging solidarity. I take them with the amount of salt they are due. On flip side, I have heard some of the older women in my life say ‘don’t you just LOVE being pregnant.. I LOVED every minute of it, aren’t you enjoying it and aren’t you always happy?’ . Of course I am happy and believe me ,have sacrificed MUCH to get here but I think those gals memories are selective and they have maybe rightfully chosen to forget some of the hardships and struggles that we expectants go through.

I am glad for my Mom who has from day one, warned me about the ups and downs, the joys but also the hard parts and for retelling me how she felt when I finally arrived. It’s a journey of changes and I know more are to come.. so I am taking it all in (no pun intended) baby steps and raising a glass to those in all stages of pregnancy!

Jen and I at her babyshower
21 weeks: Thankful for it all

Doing well, feeling the baby move all the time and happy that all the testing has come back with good news. I cry at every result with joy and relief. We are stepping with baby steps into this next phase and we are excited.

It is really amazing what time can do to heal. Last year at this time, 3 days before my Birthday and a few before Thanksgiving, Mark and I found out I would be miscarrying again. There was so much planned, I was Hosting a Baby Shower, Big Birthday Plans and Thanksgiving at our place. The only way I knew to cope was to shut down. During this ‘lost time’ I recall catching a reflection of myself in the mirror and not even recognizing who I was. I have always allowed to feel things deeply so not feeling was alien to me. I wouldn’t recommend this to any one, delaying the grieving process and going on auto pilot. The sad thing about something like a miscarriage is that because you haven’t shared news that you are pregnant yet, many friends and the outside world in general doesn’t know and though you are incredibly vulnerable and broken, they can’t help you through it. I did some damage that took me months to untangle. Through it all I was thankful for Mark and my family and even in the darkness I was feeling, thankful to be here on this planet experiencing loss, knowing that joy and life would soon taste that much sweeter.

There are so many things to be thankful today and I hope that you, my friends and family know you are a big part of it. XOXO

20 weeks: Were half way there.. livin on a prayer!

Well, here we are @ 5 months.. half way…. HALF WAY! WHAT? Come on, it feels like I have been pregnant for 2 years now!!! Man! I know it only gets harder in the 3 trimester but I think this whole thing should take 5 months.. tops. 😉

Been feeling great. Went to Disneyland with friends over the week end and was worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up but I did. I may have been the slow poke in the back of the group but I made it all the way to the night time World of Color Show *Which was amazing* just like my friends who planned the early Birthday celebration for me.

We are still awaiting news on our Amnio.. getting restless and wanting results. We did get the 2nd trimester screening back and it was all negative *good thing*. So far I have felt Supercherry (that is the nickname my sister and friend Jonah have given her) move and hiccup. That was fun and weird and I hope she doesn’t get em like I do… atomic hiccups I call them. I have noticed how pregnant I feel now and things like getting off the couch and a full nights sleep are getting harder. Still, we are happy and we are hopeful and livin on a prayer.

19 weeks: the bold and the brave:

This past Friday I had my amniocentesis . I had been fearing all kinds of thing about it especially the needle. We had another ultra sound with the radiologist right before to do measuring and viewing. The actual procedure wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. My High Risk Dr. explained the risks and what would be happening and there was another ultra sound tech keeping an eye on the baby as it was happening so they could insert the needle as far away from her as possible. It didn’t really feel like a blood test prick.. more like pressure and a wee bit of cramping. I didn’t look once at the needle or the doctors but instead just at Mark who was letting me grip his hand beside me. *I recommend not looking to anyone else out there who will be doing this. * They showed me the viles containing my amniotic fluid, to confirm my name and my medical record number. After putting a band aide over the needle hole, we were on our way.

Mark stayed home from work and was VERY strict about the 24 bed rest. I had to work but since I do it from home, I was able to keep the lap top with me on my couch island.. only aloud trips to the bathroom and back! I had cramping once or twice over the week end but nothing major and no other complications. I am taking things easy this week, resting more, nothing strenuous. We should get the results back in a week or so from now.

Thank goodness for Mark. He has been so great about everything even when he is stressed and is taking things very seriously. Also, Louise gave me a sweet phone call, telling me how brave I am. Even when I am cracking jokes and making everyone around me feel ok.. she knows my fears and I love her for remembering that I am bold and brave.

Thanks to all those who checked in, I really appreciate my support system!

18 weeks: Baby Brain?

Feeling good, getting bigger but I am starting to notice that I am forgetting little things here and there and making small mistakes. I am terribly hard on myself and I really take pride in being a good employee and good wife, daughter, sister, house keeper, friend… and I DON”T like to make excuses and hide behind them. I apologize now for anything I may have forgotten and for future mistakes. All my websites and books say ‘let go of being Superwoman’ meaning: ask for help and don’t think you can do it ALL yourself. This is a hard one for me *I am after all, part of the Superhero Family*! So, as I grow bigger if I look like I am leaning or falling from the sky please be kind and catch me!

17 weeks bun is baking

Feeling pretty darn good. Happy almost all the time. Waking up too many times in the night, snoring like a drunken sailor & starting to get pretty clumsy & feeling the baby move!

Had an appointment with our High Risk Dr. Yesterday. She measured my belly & said I am exactly right where I should be for 17 weeks.

This was a bit of a relief cause after a comment I got from my MIL that I was ‘bigger than my friends daughter who is 2 weeks ahead of you & having twins’. I thought maybe I was monstrously huge or something. I told my Dr. what she said & she didn’t like that at all.. don’t people say the weirdest stuff when you are preggo? The worst are the horror stories and the going on and on about their own experience being pregnant. I get it that once you are knocked up you join a sort of maternity club but I try to limit my exposure & take tips & notes from those I ask advice from.

Luckily My skin is pretty thick cause I know the unsolicited advice and lame comments will keep rolling in. Just gotta laugh it off & hold my big ass belly high!

Interesting article. Women Tell it like it is: Childbirth

16 weeks: Mark HULKS out!

Glad to be back home, we traveled to Milwaukee & Chicago for a Family Wedding. Flying while pregnant was ok, tried to relax and move around when I needed to. It was a great trip and I was glad to have some 2nd trimester energy to do some fun site seeing.

We had a hiccup with the TSA in the Chicago Airport. I got singled out to go threw what I learned was a body scanner *after the fact*. I thought they were just going to pat me down or wand me. The first girl asked if I was wearing a belt and I told her I wasn’t but I was pregnant. The second asked me to stand in this box looking thing and raise my arms. That is when I thought the pat down would take place. She then told me to step through and I asked her what just happened. After she told me it was a body scan, I asked her if that was safe, me being pregnant. She shrugged and said ‘ya ya, it is fine’. I caught up with Mark who was over by the bags and told him what had happened and he went nuts on the TSA manager. He turned TOTALLY Lawyer on them and wasn’t going to step aside lightly. They denied everything, took no blame and had no info whether the scanner was safe for pregnant women, clamming it wasn’t in their training. They told me I could always say ‘no’ when asked to be scanned. I think this is what pissed me off the most.. like you can just say no at ANY time to the TSA… ‘no I don’t want to take my shoes off” come on!! What bugged Mark is that the guy never once offered a sympathetic word or an apology. He had the nerve to say to Mark it was a ‘learning experience for his team’. Mark’s eyes were blood shot red and he was furious. He and his Mom looked the scanners up online while waiting for our flight and they are not reported to be harmful but they don’t have all the data yet.

Here is an article about it: Airport Scanners and Pregnancy

It took me a while to calm Mark down but after a walk around the terminal he started to function again. I am seeing my High Risk Dr. next week and will tell her the story, if for nothing else then maybe she can warn other Mom’s who fly in the future.

You wouldn’t like Mark when he is angry… trust me!

15 Weeks Bubble of Peace?

Really trying to stay inside my ‘bubble of peace’.. that makes me think of the John Travolta Movie ‘the boy in the plastic bubble’ or the Seinfeld episode ‘bubble boy’.

I understand where that idea came from, you know..cause of Hormones things seem really really urgent when maybe they are only mildly urgent. Still, life and those around you move and things come up that even plastic can’t keep out!

I have been practicing mediation for years and breathing and focus, I am pretty good at talking myself off a ledge. Mostly because in life, it seems like I have been blessed with a sort of maternal role, it is one I cherish but what usually ends up happening is after I tend to everyone else, there is little left to tend to myself. I think that people view me as being pretty strong and maybe I don’t need the same care and attention back so it is usually up to me to do self maintenance. I like to give my self little pats on the back when needed and rewards like, ice cream.

Yes, we are allowed ice cream here in the bubble of peace, don’t let what happened to George happen to you! 😉


I think the thing we get asked most by those in our family who know we are pregnant is ‘when is the worry time over?’ It is a natural question & in many cases people feel like entering the second tri mester is cause for a sigh of relief. Unfortunatly for us there will be worry until the baby is actually born. Honestly though… doesn’t every parent worry about their children for the rest of their lives? My mom says yes they do!

Besides this kinda worry something else that worries me is loosing balance & dropping out after the baby is born. It is very important to me to still nurture the friendships that have seen us through dark times & good. While I am excited for a big life change I am also afraid of being consummed.

We’re pregnant!
by Mark Cronan on Wednesday, October 6, 2010 at 8:50am

So, Melody and I are pregnant!

We’re nervous, and emotional. We’ve been through three miscarriages (the first was late-term).

We know the likely cause of the miscarriages finally. Once we switched medical plans, the new doctors checked for the right things, and found something. I have an inherited genetic issue, called Robertsonian translocation. In short, sometimes the chromosomes match up fine, resulting in normal kids like my mom, my brother, and me. Sometimes they don’t, which usually means a miscarriage. The human body is pretty amazing, and often can detect on its own that something went wrong.

Finding out what was wrong was something of a relief. It’s been a big mystery, and we were ready to give up hope and seek adoption. It’s good to know it’s probably not environmental, and it’s possible for us to have kids on our own (though I still think highly of adoption, and remains a possibility in the future).

Of course, things could still wrong, which is why we are nervous. Our first miscarriage, Anna, happened after 5 months. But our doctors are good, they are keeping much more careful check on Melody, had her taking the right things before we even got pregnant, and so far everything looks fine.

We get an amniocentesis done on October 22, on advice from our geneticist. Assuming that goes fine (it comes with a 1 in 300 to 1 in 500 risk, which also has me worried), we should know if things have gone wrong with the results of that test. If everything checks out normal at that point, we may be able to finally relax to a state of normal pregnancy frenzy, rather than this higher state of pregnancy worry.
I had wanted to wait until the end of the month to announce to the world that we’re pregnant. But, with the death of our friend Dan, we really wanted to tell the world some happy news.

So happy news, with a cautious undertone.

14 weeks YO!

Well here we are @ 14 weeks. The Doc says I am measuring at about 15 weeks.. so it’s some where in between I bet. 🙂

All is well, going to start telling people though we are still taking things visit by visit. We have the Amnio and a special high powered Ultra Sound @ the end of this month but so far every thing is looking good.

I am getting bigger, crying at stupid Hallmark commercials and peeing about 2 times a night. Other than that, feeling much better then the first 3 months!

Bun in the OVEN!


Just finishing up the First Trimester! Seems like those 3 months took FOREVER! We are in talks now about when to ‘break the news’ that we are pregnant again. Mark seems to want more time and that is ok.. I ain’t got nothing but time over here, well that is till my belly is big enough to be a dead give away! Our families and a few others already know but haven’t tweeted it of made a grand Facebook post or anything.
13 Weeks

All the 1st Trimester tests came back with the results we want and at the last ultrasound the baby was measuring at a week bigger than what I am clocking. We did schedule a Amnio for the end of October, wished we didn’t have to have one but no matter what the screening tests say due to Mark’s X-man Chromosomal mutation we will need to do this type of testing.
Demon Seed!
Last night in reply to some wise ass crack Mark made I said ‘Well I AM carrying your Demon Seed aren’t I? Sometimes you just gotta laugh when you are a High Risk Mama
Zip It!
Over the week end, I was going to a party and planned on wearing a cute dress.. well.. NONE of my dresses would zip up! It’s mostly my boobs and I am getting thicker.. this was a surprise but not in a bad way.. just in a I NEED TO GO SHOPPING WAY! 🙂

1st Trimester Screening Preliminary results

Down Syndrome Risk Assessment: Screen Negative
Trisomy 18 Risk Assessment: Screen Negative

Next step is to speak with our Geneticist about the actual percentage numbers.
This is good news so far! 🙂
12 weeks

We had a NT Ultrasound this past Monday and we saw the baby sucking it’s thumb. We are waiting for the results of this test but so far nothing has been detected on first glance to be wrong. We will know for sure after speaking to our geneticist
Here is an interesting little video about what has been happening between week 10-14

This is really funny, great Blog!

Happily After Giving Birth – 10 Things They Don’t Tell You »
DateThursday, September 23, 2010 at 1:18PM

Cravings of the Bun

Bun would very much like to eat this entire thing today:



How your baby’s growing: 10 weeks

Though he’s barely the size of a kumquat — a little over an inch or so long, crown to bottom — and weighs less than a quarter of an ounce, your baby has now completed the most critical portion of his development. This is the beginning of the so-called fetal period, a time when the tissues and organs in his body rapidly grow and mature.

He’s swallowing fluid and kicking up a storm. Vital organs — including his kidneys, intestines, brain, and liver (now making red blood cells in place of the disappearing yolk sac) — are in place and starting

9 weeks

Seeing our Genetics counselor today. We did pre genetic work w her before this pregnancy the findings were very helpful.
8 weeks into it!

Saw our High Risk Doctor, she did another ultrasound and again, everything looked great! Feeling tired and very nauseated all the time like a low grade flu.

Bun doesn’t really like to eat much and forget the smell of food, kitty litter or smoke.. automatic hurl reaction!
7 weeks today
Starting to feel more positive after our first ultrasound showed a tiny heartbeat & the Dr. Said everything looks great. I cried some big tears of joy.
End of JULY
Nothing fit right, I was tired all the time… I knew I had a BUN IN THE OVEN!

8 thoughts on “BITO – Bun in the Oven

  1. Reading this has made me so happy — for you and Mark and Demon Seed! I am looking forward to future installments. All my love and best hopes!!

  2. of course like your website however you have to test the spelling on several of your posts. Many of them are rife with spelling problems and I to find it very troublesome to inform the reality however I’ll definitely come again again.

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