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316247_10151618745255240_472950365_nElla Rose turned 2 on Monday! She had a big fun Arty Birthday Party with lots of friends. My Mom’ Tutu’ visited from Hawaii and we had many playdate adventures with the Meetup Group I created ; Geeklings and Parental Units

She has a new Tricycle and an painting, drawing area. She is a very active 2 year old who loves to dance, play with blocks, look at books, make fun things with play doh, Care for her Dolls and has a favorite blanket she carries with her. She naps once a day and sleeps from 7 pm to 6 am *unless she’s sick or teething * Her high chair seems to be phasing out and she prefers to eat on a big chair at the table. She still loves Cat Videos with Daddy and her IPad games and books with her Nana. She likes the challenge of putting her own shoes on and drinking from a big girl cup.

At her 24 month check up we learned she is still a bit under weight and is now in the 25th percentile as far as height goes. Other wise she is right on track for her age and is healthy.

Her language skills are developing rapidly and she signs along with new words too. She knows somewhere like 75 words and can repeat just about everything we say, so we have been careful with the F bombs

I have noticed that she loves to see friends and play but needs a bit of warm up time and likes to observe her surroundings before jumping in. She loves to swing, climb, slide and run at the Park and her attention/ listening skills are increasing at Toddler Story time . The Zoo is still a favorite and she also enjoys independent play time and now tells me ‘ Push Mommy’ or Go away Mommy when she wants some space. Today she said ‘Mommy Inside” and wanted only Daddy to push her on her swing

We are working on learning all about the Potty and can take off clothes and pull-ups. Her Yoda Doll is helping with the training.

Sesame Street , especially Elmo and Abby are favorite TV time friends and she engages back and forth in activities with Dora the explorer.

Ella cares deeply for others and feels concerned when she sees someone upset or mad. She can identify emotions such as Happy and Sad, mad and surprised. She says ‘ Love you’ to us now which is very sweet.
. .

Ella had her first poop on the potty today. I took a picture, she was proud. The training begins!


Watching Biography channel on Shirely McClain. Apparently when she was a child she used to yell at the top of her lungs to be noticed. A Dr. At that time counseled her parents to douse her w cold water to stop the behavior. * sweet Lord, the quackery.* Shirely’s mom was secretly proud of her daughter’s spirit and determination. This reminded me of when a lactation nusrse told me after working with a newborn Ella that she had never seen such a,strong willed baby girl. I liked hearing this, people brag about their ‘good’ children but my pride lies in her strong will to be here despite many odds and her big desire to do it all even though she is very small physicaly. Of course as a Mommy, I love her sweet side that loves kisses and cuddles too. img android-uri=”content://media/external/images/media/343″ />

We found a new home for Ella’s first cradle. It makes me kinda sad to see it go. She was so small those first weeks, so many rocks and checks if she was breathing.from right beside our bed. She let us know when she was ready to explore and sleep in her big crib with more room. It was much harder on me, going from my tummy to beside me, to let her be on her own. One of the many first year changes for all of us I feel Lucky to be apart of.

10 months in! Wow, these past two months have been some of the toughest since her arrival home. We all suffered through a bad urgent care worthy fever and cold and the cutting of her first two teeth! Before this she wasn’t sleeping all the way through the nights but getting up once seems totally easy now. Last night for example, she was up every two hours and finally all the way up before 5am, this was with baby Advil. Some other new behaviors have popped up like resistance to getting in her Car Seat and sometimes her stroller too. She definitely has the same strong will we saw since her first refusal of breastfeeding.

Other more wonderful things: standing on her own for small amounts of time, walking or crusing from one piece of furniture or play den wall to another. Waving.hello and bye byes. Added words like ‘hi’ and ‘nite nite’. Making animal sounds , monkey, duckie and roars of a lion. She kisses her dolls and brushes their hair with her little brush. She is eating chunkier solid food and we are trying to wean her from needing a bottle to nap and sleep. It is working during the day and right at bedtime but not at
night. She had her first Holidays and loved the Christmas Tree. We went to Disneyland and she did great! We are very tired but proud of our busy little girl!

Blue Jean Baby, LA Lady: Ella Rose at 8 months:

Wow, this past month has brought about many changes quickly! She is still small for her age but about 3 weeks ago she began sitting on her own then crawling got much better and one morning I found her standing in her Crib holding on the railings! She now walks while holding onto a surface or climbing up a toy but she is pretty wobbly and there have been some good head bumps. Her Will seems to be stronger than her coordination at this stage. All these exciting skills are regularly shown off at 4 AM by our little Miss. We are pretty exhausted but thrilled to see what is next. I am starting to take her to a Meet up Group with babies her age and some older. She loves the swings at the Park and often meets Jackson and Louise there for a date. She isn’t sleeping through the night yet but on a good night we only get up once before she wakes up around 6 AM. She is eating everything I give her and loves those little puffs and can grab them off her High Chair table. She is still saying Dada and Mama and has recently began to point at things.


6 month Mark!
Time seems to have gone by so fast hard to believe Ella is 1/2 a year old! She is doing great, loves to laugh and noticing everything around her.

I am not really where I wanted to be by this time in many ways but I am working on it. I hear so many times ‘ when are you gonna get back to this or that ‘and while I understand returning to be more active in the world is something that is good and welcomed, I don’t want to ‘go back’ or backward, I would rather move forward with my new challenging, wonderful life as a parent.

Here are some fun things Ella is doing:
Says Dada & Mama
Recognizes the Pets
Eating solid foods * her favorite is sweet potatoes
Drinking out of her Sippy Cup.
Scooting and rolling to almost a crawl
Sitting up on her own
Standing with our help
Playing with toys
Sitting and following along when we read her books
Making raspberry sounds & spitting * copying Daddy*
Plays in Bouncy chair
Studys faces and outside things like trees

——————————————- –




Ella is 5 months old today! She Loves to talk endlessly in her own language, hang out with her best friend Tilly the Cat and visit Daddy at his work!

The big 4 months was celebrated in Hawaii with Grandma and Grandpa and the family! Her first plane ride, stay in a Hotel and dip in the ocean!

Things Ella can now do:
Hold her head all the way up
Say ‘woo hoo’
Sleep in her big crib most the night
Eat rice cereal
Almost crawl
Laugh and squeal
Find her feet
Roll over front to back, back to front
Suck her thumb
Stand on her legs for a few moments when held up by her hands
Pet Tilly
Listen while a story is being read

‘Life with a new baby is hard but how cool is it to help grow a person’ … mommyimage

A day in the life of Ella (and Mommy) @ 3 months

So many changes have been happening in Ella”s new life. The last two months have been a bit chaotic but lately I have been trying to keep her on a schedule that has evolved naturally around her needs. There is comfort for both her and I in routine and even during the tough moments, the days I dont shower and wonder if I brushed my teeth or how it got to be 3pm, I cherish my time with her.
So, on to our day :
She usually wakes up around 6:30 am. After a bottle she can go back to sleep until 9 am. During this time Mommy pumps and sees Daddy off to work and gets things set up for the day.

When she wakes again I get her out of her jammies and start playing on her activity mat with friends!

Tummy Time is getting longer and she is moving around with both arms and legs , holding her head up until she gets too frustrated.

Lately with her Teething, she gets fussy and needs cuddles and with luck this turns into nap time. Putting her in the big crib and not giving her a bottle before hand to get her asleep is new this month. She has started taking a pacifier to chew on instead. I sing and rock her to sleep. The tricky transfer from my arms to the crib is hard and if I am lucky she stays asleep. If she does stir, she sometime self sooths with the help of the musical mobile but other times I have to start this process all over again…….Like today!

I try to take this opportunity to grab a shower or start some cleaning and grab food. Thanks to the video monitor from Uncle Todd and aunt Bridget I am able to be pretty mobile but she has only been napping for about 1/2 HR these days so I usually get to pick only one of the above mentioned.
The afternoon hours are some more cleaning and I try to get out with her some where different each day. We take walks, visit friends, run errands.

When we left she was happy but things shift fast and by the time we were driving home, she was in full blown melt down. She took another nap at home after a bottle and then I put her in the sling so I could do some laundry. She doesnt stay in there too long, likes her space kinda like her Daddy. image

The evenings can be nice and sometimes hard. We both get relief when Daddy gets home. We have dinner and show him what we did during Tummy Time. There is a series of little naps but we start the actual bedtime process @ 8pm. image

Tonight she was cranky and needed more cuddles before her Bath Time. image


Ella falls asleep usually between 8-10 pm. I always give her a bottle and diaper change @ 10pm, even if I wake her to do so. The idea there is to give her enough to eat so she won’t need to wake up every 2 hrs. I call it the ‘Inception’ time. I wake her just enough to get her to dream deeper and I plant the seed that she is full. 😉 image

This is the BCU * Bedroom Command Unit* Everything we need for the night in our bedroom where she sleeps in a really awesome Fisher Price rocking cradle. I can reach her from bed to rock her and see that she is alright. image

Mark also set up a lamp with a red light and we use it for any night feeding, changing. It is an old astronomy trick. We can keep the stimulation low without loosing vision. We also have kept things all business at night, no songs or playtime. I think it might be working because she now sleeps 6 to 8 hrs. image

The end of the night, Mark and I catch up on TV and tasks. Tonight I was folding laundry and we took trash out. The last task I do is pump with this rented Hospital until. We rent it because it is a better grade than the ones you can buy. image

This brings us to 11 pm. Time to turn in and do it all again tomorrow. There really isnt a lot of ‘me’ time but it has been Me time for the last 40 years. I know the demand won’t be like this permanently. There are moments when I think I can’t do it, moments I feel like an awesome Mommy and even though I ache like I have ran a marathon at the end of the day, I do feel lucky to have spent it with my Baby Ella.


I love watching Ella play herself to sleep after putting her down awake, in her little crib. Just a little thing but it makes me happy.



Two months today!
Whew, another month has passed in the life of Ella, lots of fun and lots of sleep loss. We are Guessing she is about 8pm 9oz now, growing every day! She is much more aware of her world and is interacting with us and some toys. She is healthy and happy most the time but does suffer from some gassy issues. She smiles and recognizes us and has giggled in her sleep. She likes to mimic us by sticking out her tongue and mouth noises and loves kicking her legs.

Today, she rolled over from her tummy to her side but got frustrated when she couldnt roll back. She is holding her head up for short periods of time and has turned it 45 degrees.

We have been on a few outtings and have had many visitors.

Here are some of her Likes:
Her new activity mat
Her swing
Orange Monkey that hangs in her pack and play crib
Car rides
Burps with Daddy
Bath time
Changing table singalongs
Cuddles with Mommy

When tummy time lasts too long
Burping for Mommy
Being lonely
Being hungry
Dirty diapers


One month old Today!

Wow, what a crazy month! Lots of changes for us and for Ella. We are still on feeding/ diaper change every 2 1/2 hrs which is hard at night, especially with Mark being in the throws of his busy Graduation Season at work. I am not going to lie, there have been some tears shed by me and frustration from both of us, mostly due to lack.of sleep but we are so excited to have her with us and have our little family.

We have Taken Ella out a few times and are learning her time limits, how to change her in cars and public restrooms and also learned she loves the car moving but hates being stuck in traffic.

Breastfeeding is still not consistent. Sometimes she is ok and peacefully in the swing of it and other times she cries like I am doing a terrible thing to her. I am pumping and feeding her with a bottle and supplementing with formula at night.

She is staying awake longer during the day but also has bouts of gas pains that keep her unhappy. We are giving her Mylicon gas relief drops which is essentially baby alka seltzer.

Her are some of her likes and dislikes.


Daddy’s voice
The fancy hi-tech swing Grandma got her
Sleeping on Mommy
The bathroom fan which is very noisy and old * this is our go to place if she won’t stop crying.*

Bouncing on the exercise ball
Being carried in her sling
Mommy and Daddy singing silly songs
Car rides
Auntie Harmony
Bath time




Being changed in or out of clothes
Bright sunlight
Diapers that are wet or dirty
Not getting milk fast enough


More photos online


Ella Rose Mooney Cronan
Born 12:24 am 03/18/11
Kaiser Woodland Hills CA
Weight 5.7 pnds
Length 18 inches

I am starting a new blog for Ella Rose. Time is pretty hard to come by with a new born so it may just be quick observations, stats and pictures for a while.

Everything is abbreviated, showers, sleep meals, even
bathroom breaks. Blogging will be the same. 🙂
Today we are going to attempt a stroller stroll down our block. Weather conditions are gorgeous and we need some vitamin D!



6 thoughts on “All about Ella

  1. Beautiful baby Ella. All updates and news from the ranks of new parenthood gleefully read and re-read. Love you so so much!! OXOXOXOX

  2. wow how fast that month has gone it probably seems like all one big day to you! Hope the next month will be good and Ella Rose will sleep more at night and want only to breast feed.

    1. Thank you mom mom. It is up and down with Breastfeeding, yesterday she did great but this morning, not so good. Not giving up, but hoping we can get a happy routine soon.

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