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Geekling things to do in LA: We love the funk : dress up any time! #geeklingsandparentalunits


Our family gets a little geeky about Costume Parties. That is my Hubby’s real hair!!!   Why not go all out, play dress up any time , show your Geeklings you are still a kid at heart.


We got Ella’s Dress and my Husband’s shirt  from our local Goodwill. I just happen to have a big box of wigs many of which were bought on sale after Halloween at Party City.  Though It didn’t stay on her long, Ella was the hit of the party! 


Have fun, be geeky, make memories.



I am a GeekMom, a Superhero * Hygena from Season 2 of Who Wants to be a Superhero * and I run a Group called Geeklings and Parental Units . My hobbies include giving a voice to Dee the Thief in an online animated DnD series * The Perturbed Dragon* I like coffee and Star Wars

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