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Get your head in the game!

cute moment from this week end: while watching a very important Laker game in a restaurant full of fans, some one yelled out ‘what the eff is the matter with you guys’ about their own team and I answered sincerely ‘I am sure they are very nervous, this is a big game’.. my friend Jen gave me a ‘aww’ look. I guess I am not cut out to be a hard core down and dirty fan! 🙂



I am a GeekMom, a Superhero * Hygena from Season 2 of Who Wants to be a Superhero * and I run a Group called Geeklings and Parental Units . My hobbies include giving a voice to Dee the Thief in an online animated DnD series * The Perturbed Dragon* I like coffee and Star Wars

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