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The thing about me is I go through ever changing stages. Sometimes I am extremely introverted and need to think and think about things and talk about them at length to the few people I truly let get close to me. Other times I am chatty and breezy and open to anything. Right now I am tired of talking and thinking and planning and waiting for consensus and for permission and for reciprocity that seems to never come. I am over being too cautious and to available. I just want to move and to do. Catch me if you can!



I am a GeekMom, a Superhero * Hygena from Season 2 of Who Wants to be a Superhero * and I run a Group called Geeklings and Parental Units . My hobbies include giving a voice to Dee the Thief in an online animated DnD series * The Perturbed Dragon* I like coffee and Star Wars

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