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At Christmas time, we let in light and we banish shade..

I think we all go through some Blue Holiday Seasons here and there in life. I recall one when I was only 15 that reminds me of the joy giving and sharing even at the worst of times. You see, after my parents divorced, my Mom, Harmony and I decided to get a fresh start and move to Hawaii. Getting there from Canada had some snags and we made a Holiday stopover in Victoria. We had each other and our suitcases and just a few contacts on the island. We were living in a hotel room. We had no tree and I didn’t want my baby sister to go without so I found the top of a tree that someone had thrown away, brought it back to the hotel room and decorated it with my colorful shoe laces. That was also the year when I took my last pennies and bought my cousin, Susie and Justin (The only friends I had there) the ‘Do they Know it’s Christmas’ record.

It snowed that year in Victoria, something that hadn’t happened for 10 years. I like to think it was my gift for remembering what Christmas is truly about.

Here’s to you, raise a glass for everyone.

XO Melody



I am a GeekMom, a Superhero * Hygena from Season 2 of Who Wants to be a Superhero * and I run a Group called Geeklings and Parental Units . My hobbies include giving a voice to Dee the Thief in an online animated DnD series * The Perturbed Dragon* I like coffee and Star Wars

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